How to Launch Your Own Business in High School

You’re never too young to become an entrepreneur! If you’re in high school, and you’re interested in starting your own business one day, you don’t have to wait until you’re in your twenties. You can start your entrepreneurial journey today! Read on for some tips to help you get your very first business off the ground.

The Benefits of Entrepreneurship for Teens

Entrepreneurship can be a very valuable learning experience for teenagers. In fact, business can teach you lots of important lessons outside of the classroom. Success magazine states that entrepreneurship can help teens stop worrying about little things, stay persistent in the face of obstacles, and become more adept at adapting to change.

How to Choose Your Business Model

You’re curious about running your own business – but what kind of business should you start? Even if you’re still in high school, you have plenty of options! If you’re artsy, you could offer illustration, graphic design, photography, or video editing services. If you love animals, you could become a pet sitter or dog walker, and if you’re talented in the kitchen, you could start a baking business. 

Ultimately, it’s important to choose an idea you’re genuinely passionate about. Your love for your company’s mission will push you to overcome challenges and expand your knowledge of your industry.

Start Your Business

Once you’ve chosen a specific business idea, you’ll want to create a detailed business plan. Jot down the products or services you want to offer, how much you’ll need to budget for materials, how you plan to advertise, and possible price ranges. Once you have these details ironed out, and you’ve purchased any supplies or software you’ll need, you can officially start operating. You can get the process underway by learning how to start a business.

It’s important to remember that you might need some assistance from trusted adults in your life when it comes to certain tasks. For example, you may want an adult to go over any contracts you need to sign or help you open a business bank account. 

Spread the Word

You’re ready to welcome your first customers, but people may not even know about your business yet! What can you do to begin marketing your company? You can start by creating social media profiles for your business, building a simple website, and even doing a bit of in-person and digital networking

Networking can be a powerful strategy for new entrepreneurs of all ages. If you want to start networking, Potential Magazine recommends being proactive about connecting with new people, whether you’re reaching out online or in-person, and following up with them after your initial conversation to ensure that you stay in touch.

Manage Your Money

Even if you’re only earning a little extra pocket money through your business, you want to make sure that you’re managing it well. It’s a good idea to track all of your income and expenses – after all, you will need to report these figures when it’s time to file taxes for your business. 

You don’t want to spend all of your business income on frivolous expenses. Instead, set aside some money for your savings. Furthermore, you should consider investing a certain percentage of your profits back into your business! This will allow you to keep growing as an entrepreneur.

Teenagers are creative, innovative, and energetic – in other words, many teens already have the essential qualities of an entrepreneur! Your age can actually be a benefit, not a hindrance. With these tips, you’ll be more than ready to start your own business.

Photo via Pexels